Weight Lifting Belt – You Need When Lifting Heavy Weights

Weight lifting belts have been one of the most controversial gym gears for a long time now. Some people have a misconception that these belts can help them lift heavier weights, whereas others consider wearing a belt as cheating and believe it to be an insult for all the lifters.

Let me settle this debate for you once and for all. Weight lifting belts are used to reduce stress and provide support to your lower back and core muscle while lifting. Wearing these belts does not mean that they’ll help you lift heavier weights, but they will protect your spine from getting seriously injured.

Weight lifting belts are worn around your trunk while you’re slightly holding your breath. Once you’ve tightened the buckle, breathe and expand into the belt. This will help you tighten the torso properly and stabilize your back to lift weights without getting injured.

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